- The Foundation…All the Praise goes to God who makes all things possible.


- Grandfather Pak became a jeweler in South Korea.


- Mr. & Mrs. Pak came to the United States of America in 1975 with a dream.


- Mr. Pak worked for a jewelry store in Chicago, IL, also working out of his basement as an independent watchmaker.

- In 1980, Mr. & Mrs. Pak opened Pak’s Jewelers in Downtown Milwaukee, WI, USA.


- Today, Gino & James Pak, the sons of Mr. & Mrs. Pak, along with Mrs. Pak, continue to operate Pak’s Jewelers.


- Pak’s Jewelers is now a third-generation family owned and operated the business in their 39th year of operation.

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Midtown Center

4115 N 56th St

Milwaukee, WI 53216

(414) 224-0101

(414) 444-8789