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What you should know.

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Here at Pak’s Jewelers, we are true jewelers who manufacture your jewelry from concept to completion.

Anything you desire or can imagine we can custom manufacture for you. We will sketch or render your idea, and upon your approval carve a wax model in-house in our workshop for your review.

Once you approve the wax model, we begin the casting process which involves baking it in a casting oven to melt out the wax and forming a mold, placing it on a vacuum where the liquid metal of your choice (platinum, yellow, white, black, green, rose (red) gold, or silver), is poured into the mold, filling the cavity and forming your design. After cooling, your unique custom one-of-a kind design is now casted in solid metal. No one in the world will have your design unless you so desire.

After casting, the item is then cleaned and polished for setting. Our experienced diamond setters will then hand-set each diamond any style you prefer (pave, channel, bead, flush, prong, tension, etc).

Your item is now ready for polishing, cleaning and finishing!

Most people will never have the opportunity to see their jewelry being manufactured. We invite you to come and witness every step of this precision process whether it is the carving of your wax, seeing the raw metal come out of the casting oven, or viewing the setting of your diamonds.

We at Pak’s Jewelers also know and understand how important it is to be able to trust someone with your family heirlooms. Because of this we always weigh and verify your diamonds, whether you buy them from Pak’s or not, and offer the opportunity to witness the entire setting process to give you peace-of-mind, and establish trust with you, our client. Most stores will send out your diamond and have a third-party set your diamond, or have work done. This opens up the opportunity for loss or theft, or whatever else could happen. In today’s world, not only is this expensive, but very dangerous!

We appreciate and value you, our customer, and work hard with integrity to earn and maintain your trust and loyalty, thus building lifetime relationships with you, our customer and friend.


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